Custom and personalized glass drinking bottles

We love thoughtful gifts and are even more excited about 
those who do not end up somewhere we will never
look for them again. 


Custom printing starting at quantity 25

Customized glass drinking bottles are a creative solution for companies to integrate health and sustainability into their everyday worklife. For example, all employees or customers can get their individually designed drinking bottle and drink from them every day. This makes employees much more productive because drinking from your own water bottle is easier, healthier, more sustainable and more fun. For companies that focus on quality, health, sustainability and design, we offer individually printed drinking bottles starting at quantity 25.


Personalized glass bottles

How do you express your appreciation for your employees and customers? We offer companies and organisations a completely customized drinking bottle printed individually for each and every employee or customer. We do not just print a logo on the bottles, we can also personalize each individual bottle. The result is a unique product. Whether for one person or one hundred. From 25 drinking bottles upwards, each individual bottle can be individually printed according to your own wishes or those of your customers, e.g. a drinking bottle with logo, name, text or your own design. We implement ideas in a simple and creative way. With an individually printed drinking bottle, employees and customers receive a sustainable, long-lasting and beautiful product that helps them to stay hydrated at their desk and on the go.

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Individual Packaging

We are happy to relieve you from of as much work as possible and can send individually printed drinking bottles to your customers on request. We offer you a packaging solution that is adapted to your individual needs. This saves you a lot of time.

Carefully packed and, if desired, filled with your additional marketing material, your glass drinking bottles will be send to your customers.

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