Water is good for your body and mind

Water is our main source of live and we need it in all circumstances, whether we are physically or mentally active. It gives us the needed energy and helps us to be more concentrated. Water is good for our body and also our minds.

More energy.

Water is the best power drink and also healthier. Whether it is exercising or work, sometimes we do feel exhausted. Drinking water helps us to reactivate our body without eating unnecessary sugar.

Relieving stress.

When we feel tense and stressed, it sometimes helps to take a break and drink some water. Especially warm water has a calming effect for our body and warms us up from the inside.
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Clear thoughts.

Our brain consists about 70% of water. If there is too little liquid, we can't concentrate as well. Water helps us to concentrate and focus better which is important  for our success.

Strong protection.

When we drink a lot of water, toxins (we absorb or produce through our food) are flushed out of the body more quickly. This protects us better from colds and keeps us healthy.

Prevent headaches.

When we do have a headache, drinking water instead of taking medicine is sometimes the better and healthier choice. Often the body simply is trying to signal us that it needs more liquid.

Good metabolism.

Drinking water on a regluar base helps our body to better process substances and at the same time makes cravings disappear. A lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty.
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Better than any beauty product.

Our skin mainly consists of water. Dry skin is a sign that we should drink more. This way we fill our cells with liquid and our skin is clearly healthier and beautiful.