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Weinrote Filzhülle mit Trageschlaufe für Glastrinkflasche
Weinrote Filzhülle mit Trinkflasche vor goldener Wand


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CARRY your bottle - Carry your waterbottle in your new upcycling bottle cover. The felt sleeve made from recycled PET bottles is the perfect protection for your glass drinking bottle. The shape of the sleeve has been exactly matched to your CARRY bottle. It not only does sit like a glove, it also looks just as good when you carry her with you on the go. It is not only available in classic black and grey, but also in the trendy colours mint, magnolia and now ruby. A casual and elegant natural cotton handle complements the minimalist design of the protective cover and makes it even easier for you to carry your water bottle, even if you don't have a bag with you.

The bottle cover is delivered in its original condition with the seam facing outwards. So it has a particularly good standing. If you prefer the seam to be inside, you can simply turn the cover upside down, the protective cover can be used on both sides.

  • Upcycling felt from recycled plastic bottles
  • Hand-stitched in Germany
  • Offers perfect protection for your drinking bottle
  • Easy to wear thanks to practical loop made of natural cotton
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Keeps your drink cold or warm for up to two hours longer
  • Can be used on both sides