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Carry Teambild Tobias


Since working for CARRY, I've ...moved twice, became a dad and learned that for Carry, our team is most important - it doesn't feel like work and every day you feel like you're contributing to something valuable.
What I do best... listen, be calm and motivate others. I also want to become better in playing the guitar, but I'm still working on that.
My favorite drink... Water with lemon or tea

Carry Teambild Vanessa


My favorite quote... If you are stucked, hug your dog. 
My favorite drink... ginger ale and ginger tea.
What I do best... talk for hours about my city New York.

Carry Teambild Mesut


Since working for CARRY... I engage more with the topic plastic and also buy more consciously.
My favorite thing to do... be on the road
My favorite drink... Cay

Carry Teambild Ida


At CARRY... I'm responsible for all graphic related things and producing content. 
My favorite part about my job... I can always bring in my own ideas.
My favorite drink... COFFEE! And my CARRY filled with water and lemon :-)

Carry Teambild Christian


My favorite quote... "Doing is what you want - only more extreme”
I like to bring my CARRY for... travelling
Since working for CARRY, I've ... became much more conscious in engaging with food and its packaging 

Carry Teambild Leonie


My favorite part about my job... that it is incredibly varied and I learn something new every day.
I like to put my CARRY... right next to my bed. So I can have a sip when I get up in the morning.
My hidden talent... cooking! The more colours - the more delicious :)  

Carry Teambild Marc


My favorite quote... "And all together, all voices, all goals, all seeing, all suffering, all lust, all good and evil, all together was the world. All together was the flow of events, was the music of life"
What I do best... keep calm in stressful times and situations
At CARRY I'm... new :) 

Carry Teambild Erika


Since working for CARRY... I'm more aware of the issue of sustainability in our everyday lifes.
I like best... being outside. Whether jogging in the forest or biking in the park, the best place to do it is outside.
My hidden talent... to motivate everybody with the best hit mixes.  

Carry Teambild Marc


At CARRY I...make our french customers happy :)
I like best... being with people that are important to me.
My favorite drink... depending on your mood - the coffee in the morning is a must!

Carry Teambild Erika


My favorite drink... any drink with ginger.
My hidden talent... ...I can lick my own elbow
I like best...... be on the road.