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  • Bottle brush made of untreated beech wood, length approx. 36cm
  • Biobased bristles from castor oil
  • FSC-certified wood
  • 100% vegan
  • Makes it easy to clean due to its shape
  • Perfect for bottles with a minimum diameter of 2.5 cm
  • Can be used for drinking bottles, glasses, carafes and baby bottles
  • Practical loop made of recycled PET felt to hang it (since it is made of upcycling PET felt, the color of the loop can be: grey, blue, green or yellow. The colour is not chooseable).

With our CARRY Brush you can easily clean your drinking bottle, so that it looks like new again. Thanks to its semicircular shape and the bristles at the end of the brush head, you can easily reach the bottom and the edges of your glass bottle. The brush not only helps you to clean your bottle precisely, but also effectively, so you'll have a sparkling bottle in your hands in no time. All you need is a little drop of detergent and water. The brush is about 36cm long and the brush head fits into all containers with a minimum diameter of 2.5cm.

Production & material

The brush is made of natural and untreated beech wood, which comes from the forests of Switzerland and is FSC-certified. The bio-based bristles are made from castor oil, which is extracted from the castor plant. Therefore your CARRY Brush is 100% vegan, because it contains no animal residues.

To make sure your CARRY Brush can be stored well and dry, it was provided with a coloured loop. The loop is a real upcycling product, because it is made of the remains of our CARRY Sleeves . This saves garbage and gives your CARRY Brush a great colour accent that matches the natural look of the brush itself. Since the loop is made of recycled fabric remnants, you may have a blue loop on the brush, or a yellow, green or red one. :-)


To keep the brush fresh and clean for as long as possible, simply rinse it with clean water after you used it and hang it up on the loop or let it air dry standing up. That way you avoid the formation of unwanted odours.